Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Will Trump impeachment woes turn out Progressives in 2018?

Daniel Coats-Michael Rogers
In yesterday's post, I posed the idea that the Republican Congress could become so worried over Donald Trump's recent antics between the Russian relationship, Michael Flynn's problems, and what James Comey might say to Congress, they would vote for impeachment. But wait, that's not all. The dumbest of all dufuses has done it again. T-rump asked Daniel Coats, director of national intelligence, and Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, two of the top intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence. Unbelievable.

The Washington Post commented...
"Trump’s effort to use the director of national intelligence and the NSA director to dispute Comey’s statement and to say there was no evidence of collusion echoes President Richard Nixon’s 'unsuccessful efforts to use the CIA to shut down the FBI’s investigation of the Watergate break-in on national security grounds,' said Jeffrey H. Smith, a former general counsel at the CIA. Smith called Trump’s actions 'an appalling abuse of power.'"
So now we have added another blunder by the master blunderer, and more fire in the furnace of growing disillusionment with Donald Trump with increasing worry for those GOP seats across the country that could go left in 2018. Marc Rotterman, a longtime Republican consultant in North Carolina, feels Trump is not fulfilling his 2016 campaign promises, and finds it hard to justify this to Trump supporters in his state. Rotterman said...
“...there still could be a course correction but that if Trump and Republicans don’t make good on their promises, they risk losing support — particularly from the blue-collar voters who helped propel Trump to victory last fall. They’re counting on him,”
As a life-long liberal, I remember when the blue-collar worker was solidly in the Democrats' camp. I do not know what happened to change their minds so radically that they would vote for someone like Donald Trump; perhaps their lack of education, which is borne out by some of the comments made by the man's supporters. And here is the best example of Trump supporter stupidity I have ever seen. WATCH THE VIDEO. It is so obvious in this video that the people interviewed, T-rump's loyal supporters, belong to the same moron club as does the blockhead they elected.

So, how is this affecting the trenches, those Republican strongholds in local, state, and national offices nationwide that were carefully expanded over the years while DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had her head up her...well, you know. Here's an assessment of the current situation from Jennifer Horn, a former chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party...
“We cannot sustain this level of chaos from the White House and expect it will be anything less than a tragic outcome on Election Day.”
While Rotterman concentrates on the Trump blue collar vote, the candidate took 29% of the Hispanic vote, better than Romney in 2012; total Latino turnout in 2016 was 11%, which mirrored 2012. Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders didn't convince Hispanics in 2016, but he made a solid pitch to the working class, the blue-collar worker, and had he run against Trump, he might very well have taken this group, thus, eliminating one of T-rump's bases. As a point of reference, Donald Trump won blue collar workers by 40% over Clinton; men by 49%.

While it's all about Russia, James Comey and Michael Flynn right now, Barry Bennett, a Trump political adviser during last year’s election campaign, says 2018 will be all about jobs and his present feeling is that the jobs picture is good, therefore, many Republicans will be safe in the midterms. But, while Bennett's point does have some validity, I cannot believe that a rational American public will continue to settle for a bonehead like Donald Trump as the President of the greatest country in the world. You won't change the dimwits in the video above, but who really needs that mentality.

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