Monday, May 22, 2017

Why GOP may be planning Trump impeachment

Trump and Flynn the Bobbsey twins
I am back after ten days of great vacation in the Prescott, Arizona mountains. We stayed at a small resort hotel there by the name of Forrest Villas. The service was exceptional and we plan a return trip in the future. I capped it off with a speeding ticket in Prescott Valley, receiving my ticket from one of the nicest cops I think I have ever met. However, I do need regular reminders that I drive too fast and this was my latest $100 one. The interesting thing is that when we both stopped and he got out of the car, my wife was more worried about the cop getting hit by traffic than the ticket I was getting.

Spent the time barely looking at news but couldn't avoid hearing regularly about what the current person in the Oval Office--the idiot doesn't act like a President so no sense calling him one--was doing. Now Prescott is heavily conservative and many of the residents are still supporting Donald Trump, but we have a friend there who shares our liberal views who welcomed talking to a couple of Progressives. It gave me some time to think about what has been happening and just where the whole political movement may be going. I have come to a conclusion.

But first it is necessary to review just what has gotten this now identified moron into the mess he has created. It started with the suspected Russian intervention in the 2016 election that helped Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Then he fired Michael Flynn and now it has been learned that the administration knew all along of Flynn's ties with Turkey. Then he, for some stupid, reason gives up sensitive U.S. Data in a meeting with Russian officials. Finally, perhaps the stupidest of all, he fires FBI Director James Comey, supposedly re. Clinton emails but most likely to disrupt the Director's investigation.

Until the latest rash of idiotic moves, the Republican Congress had pretty much stuck with him, as the Washington Post explained it, "compartmentalizing" to help them ignore the facts. But recent events have seemed to overshadow the issues before Congress, like Obamacare and the tax bill. And then the shit hit the fan with Comey's firing combined with the WP's release that the dumb Donald had "shared highly classified intelligence with Russian officials." And if that wasn't enough...
"...on Tuesday, the New York Times published another stunner, reporting that in February the president sought to persuade Comey to back off the FBI investigation into fired national security adviser Michael Flynn."
It would appear now that WP feels that Congress is looking "beyond" the President, a statement I interpret as implying impeachment. As they put it...
"Increasingly, it will be difficult for Republicans to avoid recognizing the responsibility that comes with being the majority party in separate branch of government, rather than seeing events primarily through the prism of a political alliance, no matter how awkward at times, between members of Congress and a president who won the November election as their nominee."
There have been a number of reasons for GOP pessimism over the Oval Office with the zany things T-rump has done since being elected. There have been notable disagreements on the issues; even though he claims to be the big deal maker, he failed miserably with healthcare. And the insane tweets keep coming. Republicans don't want a special prosecutor but with pressure to do the right thing, they could cave on this. In the end, Congress must forego their support of Trump and do their job in providing a check against the Presidency.

Tomorrow, my reason for the GOP to impeach Donald Trump. 

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