Monday, May 1, 2017

Bernie Sanders being Bernie Sanders on Donald Trump

Have been busy trying to finish my animal novelette but could not resist this video I discovered on The Young Turks. It is an assessment by Bernie Sanders of Donald Trump's first 100 days and it is not pretty when it comes to accomplishments. There are none and what T-rump has done is to set this country up for a future where only the wealthy and corporations prosper while the 99% languish in the mediocrity of the leftovers. The Bern is right on when he talks about all the issues and promises of the Trump candidacy, with the reality of his failure to follow through with the working class.

The silver lining in all this as Bernie states is that it has brought Progressives together and we have realized the dangers too our country and what must be done. Now we have to do it. Listen to the video below and you'll see what has to be done.

Florida's Big Brother Says Hide Those Books Or Go To Jail

  You would think that George Orwell had Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in mind when he wrote 1984 . Of course he didn't, but like a painter ...