Thursday, September 12, 2019

The chronicles of Moscow Mitch corruption


Analyzing a corrupt Mitch McConnell a la Moscow Mitch  

Moscow Mitch: Money-power-corruption
The House hasn't yet given up on impeachment with 131 Democrats in favor. They need a majority of the House, 217 Democrats, plus independent Justin Amash. "Rep. Jerrold Nadler said an impeachment inquiry might begin in late fall, after hearings this month and next." The Daily Beast says there's a holdup because of "a faulty analysis of the politics of impeachment...
They’re still caught in the grips of myopic conventional wisdom about the way the whole thing would actually play out in a trial in the Senate.
Here's the scenario...
"Sen. Michael Bennet repeated the familiar argument that the Senate will not remove Trump from office. If the House impeaches him, Bennet said, Trump 'would be running saying that he had been acquitted by the United States Congress.'”
Julian Castro shot back: “If they don’t impeach him, he’s going to say, ‘You see? You see? The Democrats didn’t go after me on impeachment, and you know why? Because I didn’t do anything wrong.’”
"Conversely, Castro continued, if the House impeaches Trump, the public would conclude that 'his friend, Mitch McConnell, Moscow Mitch, let him off the hook.'”
The answer, dishonor "Trump by impeaching him, and blame McConnell when he is acquitted in the Senate." If this is done fast enough, it could lead to both T-rump and Moscow Mitch losing in 2020? The only other impeachment case, Bill Clinton, is not a good comparison, although it was during a Republican controlled Senate too. DB gives a good run-through that is worth reading, and of course there is a different SCOTUS Chief Justice, John Roberts.

Moscow Mitch blocking election security bill...

AlterNet says, "For most Democrats, beating Mitch McConnell in 2020 has become almost as important as defeating Donald Trump." Even non-Kentuckians probably feel this way about the tyrannical racist Moscow Mitch due to the way he has run the Senate as his own domain simply to thwart anything the Democrats try to accomplish. He has literally brought the U.S. Government to a standstill under his reign, starting with Barack Obama's administration.

Right now Moscow Mitch's approval ratings in his home state are 14%, and you wonder how anyone could win an election with numbers like that. Well, he did it in 2014 when he beat his challenger, Alison Lundgren Grimes, by over 15 points. Amy McGrath is running against McConnell in 2020 and you have to think, no matter how loyal these people are--a la Donald Trump supporters--they will too wake up and see what this moron is doing to our country.

Amy McGrath says Mitch McConnell must go...

The difference with Lundgren Grimes is that she was soft on everything Democrat like Obamacare, "even skirted answering a question about whether or not she had voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012." McGrath is coming on strong about just how bad Moscow Mitch has been for Kentucky and the country. As an example...
"McConnell blocked a measure that would have funded pensions and health care for coal miners in his home state of Kentucky, not long after steering almost the same Treasury Department funds to an aluminum plant linked to a Russian oligarch."
This is a clear connection between Mitch McConnell and the Russians, leading to more speculation he was involved with Vladimir Putin's hand in the 2016 elections to help Donald Trump win. Then you compound this with the fact that Moscow Mitch has fought and defeated all legislation to strengthen voting machine equipment across the country, and the charge that he is a Russian asset becomes the reality that it is.

We cannot afford another six years of the most corrupt politicians this country has ever experienced. Alongside Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell has brought the United States to the lowest point it has ever been, both domestically and internationally. But we can do something about both in just over a year, and if the current trend is any indication, the Democrats can expect the kind of results that will will rid us of the top two political scumbags.

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