Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Have you been exposed to mail order diseases?

You may have and not even know it.  That’s because some lunatic parents are ordering measles through the mail to intentionally infect their child and this friend, if you can call them that, subjected you and your children to the disease by you just being in their house.  They most likely got it from a Facebook group called, “Find a Pox Party in Your area.”  These nut cases aren’t satisfied with refusing to vaccinate their children, once again exposing the community to whatever they might catch.

And this is one moronic idea you can’t blame on the junk mail industry.  These new entrepreneurs are the Joneses next door, who were no doubt scared by the debunked vaccinations causing autism study that came from a doctor in Great Britain, who lost his license to practice medicine over the issue.  Doctors and other medical experts are concerned that these families still don’t get it, and continue to do stupid things like intentionally exposing their children to measles, chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough and more.

It is hard to understand how any responsible parent—and this does not imply that any of these wackos are that—could accept completely unknown organisms from strangers and intentionally infect their children.  To me this seems like sheer lunacy, the type that bears an investigation which could lead to removing the children from these homes.  My local Phoenix TV station did an excellent job of exposing these fruitcakes, actually talking to some of the participants.

KPHO-TV investigative reporter Morgan Loew noted that one doctor said this is dangerous.  Dr. A.D. Jacobson said chickenpox is “extremely contagious” and should not be sent through the mail.  This after Loew told him of the Facebook page that read, "I got a Pox Package in mail just moments ago. I have two lollipops and a wet rag and spit."  Another said, "This is a federal offense to intentionally mail a contagion.”  Yet another woman said, "Tuck it inside a zip lock baggy and then put the baggy in the envelope :) Don't put anything identifying it as pox."

You have to see the video below to believe it:

ABC News reports that medical authorities and doctors are warning parents that the practice of sending these diseases through the mail is “not only unsafe but illegal.”  They reconfirm the danger of trying something this critical to the child’s health when receiving it from a complete stranger. 

In the same report, another medical specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Isaac Thomsen, said what is being sent through the mail may not even be effective for transmitting the diseases.  But Thomsen warned further that “…lollipops could carry other more dangerous viruses, like hepatitis.”

Infant with measles
A Tennessee U.S. Attorney says that what these families are doing “…carries a sentence between less than a year to 20 years if convicted…”  With the precarious financial situation at the U.S. Postal Service right now, you would think they would jump at prosecution in obviously blatant violations of the law to protect their reputation.  Another question arises, does the neighbor’s mail containing dangerous pathogens infect my mail?

This whole thing is so bizarre that it is hard to understand why law enforcement hasn’t jumped in to stop these lamebrains from starting a plague across the U.S.  Although probably farfetched, this group has exhibited their willingness to skirt both the law and current medical practices, which makes them as dangerous as the stuff they are passing around the country.  They should be stopped now!

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