Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beat the bankers at their own game with the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account

Grant Hall

I want to tell you about a fascinating man I have known for over six years who has probably forgotten more about privacy than most privacy advocates know.  His name is Grant Hall and he has just published his latest book on the subject: Privacy Crisis Banking; Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property.  If you are looking for the ultimate in privacy protection, Grant will show you how it’s done in the volume’s 175 pages. 

If you want to secure your money and property without giving up your Social Security number or other personal information, there is a way.  Grant will also show you how to do your banking, cash checks, even open up a safe deposit box while remaining essentially anonymous.  And his system puts you in a position where your identity cannot be stolen in the future.  There are certain financial institutions that provide this secrecy, which also includes your business, and they can be found in the book.

According to the author, Privacy Crisis Banking “teaches self-reliance and keeps ‘owners’ in control of money, property and businesses.”  With an economy that still hasn’t recovered and a banking system that has historically taken advantage of its customers, plus there have been numerous breaches of security, this gives the free thinking person a way to put their mind at rest over their assets.

Getting inside the book, Grant launches the first chapter with an account of a barter company, Liberty Services that was shut down probably because it emphasized in its offering the devaluation of the dollar and the benefits of barter, when what it offered was a voluntary means of exchange by individuals and businesses.  Proof that your resources are not safe, even when there is no cash involved.

We are told of the massive trolling of our personal data by government and business computers to learn every aspect of our daily activities and lifestyle.  The question of who we are, revealed by IDs like our Social Security numbers, driver licenses and more.  There are personal stories of actual experiences of those seeking this complete secrecy, including some who have used Grant’s system with success.  And each chapter ends with a “Summary” and “Notes.”

If you are worried about what is happening to your private information, particularly in your banking habits, you must read Privacy Crisis Banking.  I guarantee you two things; you will not walk away from its pages without a new appreciation for the value of your personal data, and you will have developed a new candid suspicion of those in whose hands it resides.

Buy from, Barnes & Noble online or your local bookstore.  

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