Friday, November 11, 2011

DING DONG! The bigot is gone

Racist JT Ready with Russell Pearce
AZ State Sen. Russell Pearce, of course. Beaten out of his office by another Mormon Republican from Mesa, AZ, who said he was going to bring class to the position.  The inference obviously that Pearce had none, which is well known outside the Arizona Tea Party and the ranks of double-digit IQs that support Pearce.  Jerry Lewis, a complete newcomer, received 53.4 percent of the vote to Pearce’s 45.4.  It seems to me eight percentage points represent a mandate the bigotry of the Russell Pearce legacy.

To boot, the man was the Arizona State Senate President, and perhaps one of the most influential politicians in the state’s history.  He also introduced the anti-immigration Bill SB1070, which had its most strict features on illegal aliens struck down by a federal court.  Pearce is also the first officeholder in Arizona to be recalled. 

According to Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek, Earl de Berge of the Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center, a nonpartisan polling company, said “There is a deep dissatisfaction in Arizona for what is viewed as politics in the extreme.”  As a resident of Arizona, I cannot agree with this statement.  From the Governor throughout the Republican side of the State Legislature, there is nothing but extremism apparent.  Just look at the state’s gun laws.  And these people did not get into office without an extremist public electing them.

Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Democrat from Arizona, said, "With Sen. Russell Pearce's defeat in this recall election, everyone who practices the politics of fear and division was put on notice.”  Whether these lawmakers are bright enough to realize this is another thing entirely.  One thing is certain, Arizona pseudo-Gov. Jan Pearce will never get it.  She has vigilantly, virtually all by herself, put the redistricting of the state on hold by removing the Commission’s chairman Colleen Coyle Mathis.
But before leaving the demise of Arizona’s favorite racist despot, it is appropriate to show some last minute dirty tactics of Pearce supporters.  The candidate’s Tea Party supporters launched a deceptive robocall to Hispanic voters to draw them away from opponent Jerry Lewis.  A man with a Spanish accent says:

“Voters beware. If you plan to vote this Tuesday, you should know that both candidates for State Senator, Russell Pearce and Jerry Lewis, are Republicans. The only other candidate, Olivia Cortez was forced to withdraw last month. You can protest this one-sided election by writing in your own candidate.”

And the Tea Party’s Ron Ludders, who commissioned the message, says “This is an educational situation, totally,” adding, “There’s nothing sinister about this.”  Without a doubt, this is the epitome of “Give me a break!”

So at the end of the day we can gloat over one down, one to go.  Next, impeach Arizona’s bogus Gov. Jan Brewer.  Could the country’s meanest Sheriff Joe Arpaio be next?

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