Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Agony of Stupidity...Covid-19 Weekly Digest of Ignorance


Harold Blackwell, a father of two girls, was not vaccinated. He died from pneumonia brought on by COVID-19. 48 years old and previously healthy, he changed his tune and just before death began advocation for vaccine.

Unvaccinated family of three passes around coronavirus until 74-year-old mom with a masters degree passed away. Family says don't criticize her; sane individuals would say she is pathetic.

have known better resisted getting vaccinated against COVID-19 for months. Then they realized their stupidity, but it was too late. Too late, the3y already has the virus and after a severe illness, they died. Tsk Tsk.

You gotta see this must-see video, "Infected by Stupid"...

Just be thankful you aren't among the Covid-19 stupid. Or...are you???

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