Friday, August 16, 2019

Donald Trump is getting more and more irrational every day

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Just how "worst president" is Donald Trump  

Donald Trump even worse than GWB
It's a no-brainer that Donald Trump could not come up with anything substantive on his own to run this country, so he relies on Barack Obama accomplishments to steal acclaim for. Like "claiming credit for the opening of a Shell plant in Pennsylvania this week, despite the fact that construction for the plant was first announced by the Obama administration in 2012." Others include "everything from Ford plants to jobs at Charter Communications and SoftBank.”

CNN’s John Avlon provides a litany of things T-rump had supposedly done, although in reality they were done before he even became president. Here's another...
"Trump blatantly lied when he took credit [80 times] for the VA Choice bill that expanded U.S. veterans’ options for receiving health care. The law, it turns out, was cosponsored by the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and signed into law by Obama in 2014."
 It's a given that Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had--yes, worse even than George W. Bush--but the question is if and when the United states can recover from his stupidity.

Donald Trump ranks solidly last in U.S. presidents...

Next up, Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post says Donald Trump is getting more and more irrational every day. She mentions his baseless conspiracy theory about the death of Jeffrey Epstein having been caused by Bill and Hillary Clinton. In my opinion that was a move to take the attention away from the Oval Office lunatic, perhaps something we are yet to learn. She adds...
"Yet his party is willing to allow an impulsive and irrational commander in chief remain in office."
But even more worrisome than this is T-rump's loyal supporter base of double-digits who follow him no matter where he goes. The last figure I remember was around 30%, and it is a frightening fact that that many Americans stand for the same deplorable things Donald Trump stands for. Rubin leaves us with her assessment of Trump...
"that the 45th president is a reckless buffoon; a conspiratorial, racist moron, whose weird comments should be disregarded by sensible people.”
And WP's Jennifer Rubin follows her piece above with, "The king of insults can’t handle the truth about himself."  She addresses #45...
"President Trump has made more than 12,000 false or misleading statements during fewer than 1,000 days in office and has insulted hundreds of people, entire countries and our collective intelligence."
Strike-through above my own. Continuing, "When confronted with unpleasant truths about himself, however, he wigs out, according to The Post’s reporting." She is referring to the fact that Trump can't seem to shake the label of racist, a recognition that he has certainly earned honestly. If you Google "Donald Trump racist" you get 167 million hits. Finally, Rubin mentions, "taking Russian President Vladimir Putin’s word over that of the U.S. intelligence community."

That borders on treason.

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