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Racism at its worst in the documented

August 22, 2019: PROGRESSIVE STREET NEWS BYTES...Where Liberals Walk

Horrifying examples of racism in the United States  

Since early July, I have been documenting all Internet articles that deal with blatant racism. My total inventory as of today is a shocking 22. Shocking, because this country is supposed to have progressed far beyond inequality of the races, at a minimum with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I grew up in the South in the 1940s/1950s and witnessed my share of Ku Klux Klan atrocities, and it was then that I developed my devout hatred of racism. Here's what is still going on...

Woman splashed by black man
"White woman threatens to call cops on black man after he splashes her car with water during rainstorm:" It was raining, the black person couldn't help what happened. Location not identified.

"Store manager ruins special moment by accusing black dad of stealing basketball he bought for baby son:" This surprisingly happened in California.

"Black couple’s marriage proposal party interrupted multiple times by white security guards accusing them of theft:" A black couple who drove to a park where the man intended to propose when they were harassed three times by security guards who accused them of stealing a T-shirt at a gift shop. Dateline Rochester, NY.

Family kicked out of community pool because they were black: A mere 15 minutes after arriving, a lifeguard interrupted and told her she had too many guests. “He said ‘Well, who are these guys in front of me right here?’ recalled Thomas. “I said ‘I don’t know who they are,’ mind you, they were black, but they were not with me.” Soon after, a Texas City police officer came and asked them to leave. Dateline Houston, Texas.

Racism is U.S. vs. racism in U.K.

"Woman goes into racist meltdown when she’s busted for leaving baby in running car to drink shots in bar:" A Texas woman this week was arrested after she left her infant daughter in a running car and then went into a nearby bar to drink. She grew belligerent saying, “You will not take my child and place her with a f*cking n*gger!” Dateline Bryan &College Station, Texas.

"Trump voters increasingly think it’s OK to use the N-word:" In a [Washington Post] post titled, “Republicans don’t think Trump’s tweets are racist. That fits a long American history of denying racism,” the Post notes, “Even under Jim Crow, most whites thought that blacks were treated fairly.” You can read what I had to say about this in my blog post, "Republicans do like the N-word more and more."

"Nashville cop resigns in disgrace after being caught slamming black woman into a car over expired tags:" A police officer from Nashville, Tennessee this week resigned in disgrace after being caught on camera slamming a black woman into a car because she had expired tags.

"Traffic stop turns violent after officer pulls weapon on black man for ‘speeding.’" In a video shared by Twitter activist @_SJPeace_ on Tuesday, an officer, who appears to be Mississippi law enforcement, tells the driver that he is being “detained.” Confusing whether this is Texas or Mississippi...still racist.

"Michigan police officer suspended after black visitors discovered KKK memorabilia in his home." A Muskegon police officer has been placed on administrative leave the department investigates why he has Ku Klux Klan memorabilia in his home, including a framed application to the white nationalist group. So, it's not only in the South.

Woman flips off Muslim mother and kids

"‘Go back to where you came from’: White woman shoves and flips off Muslim woman at water park — in front of kids." Here's "an incident that took place at the Sesame Place Water Park in Middleton Township, Pennsylvania, in which a white woman pushed around Zafirah Moore, a Muslim woman, and flipped her off in front of children."

These are only ten of the frightening number of racist incident that occur in the United States each day. Apparently it has always been lying dormant, just beneath the surface, and with Donald Trump's racist attitude, supported by his extreme white supremacist tendencies, it is now a full-blown epidemic, with the American public joining in his bigotry. If for no other reason than this alone, it is clear that this ego maniac must be removed from office.

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