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Wrapping up the worst of.racism documented

August 23, 2019: PROGRESSIVE STREET NEWS BYTES, Where Liberals Walk

More on today's racism fostered by Donald Trump  

Racism" NOT
This is a continuation of my post yesterday with 10 examples of flagrant racism that occurs daily in this free nation. I say free because with bigots abounding and becoming more unabashed with each incident, those people of color could be on the way to something similar to neo-slavery, only with racism as its common denominator. So, it is time to focus on the source of the problem. And that would be Donald Trump. Here's more shameless racism...

"Explosion totally destroys interracial family’s home in what appears to be a shocking racist attack." An interracial couple’s northeast Ohio home was blown up and vandalized with swastikas in an apparent hate crime.

"Texas Cops Paraded a Black Man Through the Streets by a Rope." Texas once again has renewed its bid for Most Racist State in the U.S. after a pair of Galveston, TX, police officers on horseback arrested a black man and walked him through the town to the station by a rope. The department’s officers, identified only as P. Brosch and A. Smith, were not disciplined.

It can be done
Some of my posts on racism...

"Arkansas jailer’s wife pulls gun and detains four black children going door-to-door for school fundraiser." A jail administrator’s wife in Arkansas was arrested this week after she allegedly pulled a gun and detained four black students who were going door-to-door for a school fundraiser. Kelly was arrested “on four counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor.” Sweet justice!

"WATCH: Michigan police stop black man for ‘looking suspiciously’ at white woman." Police in Royal Oak, Michigan were caught on video stopping a black man for allegedly “looking suspiciously” at a white woman.

"Mother and daughter arrested after ‘insane’ racist rampage leaves several people injured at Indiana beach." A mother and daughter are facing a wide array of charges after the pair were arrested for initiating a brawl that police say was racially motivated.

"Tennessee priest bans black housekeeper from his property — then blames his ‘racist dog’" According to a report from WHBQ, a Collierville, [Memphis] Tennessee priest is under fire for banning a black housekeeper in the employ of the diocese from entering his church-provided home because he claims his dog is racist.

"GOP lawmaker cut the mic on black woman’s facts — but let white men spew ‘lunacy and lies.’" The Republican chair of a Tennessee legislative committee is under fire for cutting off the microphone while a woman of color was speaking — but allowing white men to spew “lunacy.”

Some of my posts on Donald Trump racism...
Racism of yesteryear is back

"Black woman reveals how Trump is ruining her marriage: ‘My white Republican husband is starting to hate me.’" A black woman revealed over the weekend how President Donald Trump and right-wing media are straining her marriage. “My white Republican husband is starting to hate me because the longer we live through this administration the ‘BLACKER’ I become,” she revealed. Now, that is true bigotry.

"‘Go back to Harlem!’: Florida woman has n-word laced meltdown after bumping black woman’s shopping cart." On Saturday, the Atlanta Black Star reported an incident in Florida, in which a white woman screamed racial slurs at a black woman at a Publix supermarket in Miami after their shopping carts jostled each other. After the woman allegedly banged into Nicki Johnson’s cart, she refused to apologize, saying, “I didn’t hit you with my cart, and f**k you, you f**king n****r.”

"WATCH: Gang of white people release dog to viciously attack black man during fistfight." A black man in Roseville, Michigan is recovering from multiple injuries after what appeared to be a gang of white men ordered a dog to attack him last Wednesday. The 32-year-old William Lafave admitted to fighting the 20-year-old victim. The fight escalated when Lafave’s stepson released a dog to attack the victim who they alleged had a knife.

And that's the latest on nationwide racism and the miscreants who foster their hate on anyone who isn't like them. I am like them in color only, because I would not want to be compared with the scum of the earth. Racists. But can you even envision what it's like to be the target of these people who must certainly be at the bottom of the IQ scale. Hopefully this and my earlier post will open a few eyes and watch me for future coverage of racism.

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