Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Donald Trump Parody #2

I can't tell you exactly where Odious is in the star system, but I can say that it is shunned by all the other planets as if it had a measles outbreak. A very cold and windy Uranus was so pissed at one point--Odious had sent spaceships to circle the asteroid dumping loads of garbage--that it fired off a shooting star as a warning against future invasions. It did no good. But this was Donald Trump's home and the population was proud of its unbridled son. Little did they know.

Donald Trump, or Bananas Man as he was referred to on Odious, walked the streets of New York in his new body sporting something clinging to him that he didn't quite recognize, including a rope-like piece around his neck. He noticed everyone he passed was doing the same thing so he must be fitting in. As he casually passed what appeared to be the female species of this planet, he calmly grabbed her by the butt, which was normal for him on Odious.

The woman immediately slammed him with her purse and screamed for the cops. Bananas Man reacted like the typical Odian and began to build his case to incriminate the woman, instead of him. Fortunately, there were several humans standing around wearing brown shirts that said, "Keep America Stupid," who were ready to support Donald Trump so there wasn't much the police could do. He was released and immediately started bragging about his superhuman charisma.

The shirted gang was enthralled heaping praise on their new liberator who began to deride anyone who wasn't wearing the brown shirt slogan. And then he spied a mortal that was black all over, at least what he could see of the individual, and began to berate him for being a different color. The brown shirts loved it, clapping wildly, grabbing the black man and throwing him to the ground. After several blows, the poor guy was allowed to limp off down the street.

Bananas Man quickly began a braggadocio over his prowess in, well, just about everything. There was a hot dog vendor on the corner and he was exchanging money with a customer. Donald Trump eyed the funny looking paper and metal pieces, immediately determined them of value, and exclaimed, "I have millions of those," to which the brown shirts roared approval. Looking very stern, he spoke directly to his followers, "I demand your loyalty," with yet more shouting.

Next, how the Bananas man begins to move up in the world.

Thanks again to my wife, Barbara, for the alien concept!

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