Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Donald Trump parody

Donald Trump first coming to earth
Most people think Donald Trump was born in the borough of Queens, New York at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. He wasn't. His feeble-minded followers believe his parents were Frederick Christ Trump, a real estate developer, and Scottish-born housewife Mary Anne MacLeod. They weren't. A pathetic example for news reporting by the name of Fox News is convinced he is a "god" that has been anointed to save this country. He isn't.

Donald Trump is an alien, not those from south of the U.S. border that he abhors and would persecute, but one living in a far-distant planet by the name of Odious. From a galaxy of mostly friendly asteroids, the sphere of Odious is considered the most wretched residence in space. Any being from this orb would be considered the lowest form of existence in the celestial universe. And that being would be Donald Trump, sent to the U.S. to wreak havoc.

Once here, using earth creatures, Donald Trump spawned children that somehow, in the mix between alien and human, were denied the intelligence of either. Destined to be a perpetual blight on humanity along with their procreator. But this curious immortal...thing...protected his offspring, while demanding complete loyalty from them, including heaping praise on the "father," no matter his deeds with others around him. You see, Odious was the evil planet of the galaxy.

On the planet Odious, first, it was better to lie than tell the truth, it was
The planet Odious
customary to sexually abuse women and molest children, practice egotistic supremacy, belittle others, be a racist, willingness to sacrifice others to save yourself, be authoritarian, a tactless boaster, arrogant and ignorant leading to irresponsibility, employ nepotism, and finally there is a silver lining in most beings but those from Odious do not have even one good trait.

So, on the arrival of Donald Trump from Odious, the wheels started turning in his grossly misshapen head when he viewed those around him that were so different. But in his case, of course, this made him feel even more superior, however, it was also necessary for him to fit in, so he stole the body of the first person he ran into. It appeared to be comparable to his status and he quickly discarded the body's spirit as if it had never existed.

Tomorrow, how the alien Trump makes his way in this new world.

Thanks to my wife, Barbara, for the alien concept!

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