Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Arizona’s tough Sheriff Joe Arpaio challenges Obama birth certificate

This is one of those, ‘how many times are they going to go down this road’ issues.  Every time it is pursued, there is conclusive proof that the President’s birth certificate is valid. But Arpaio dredged it up again, probably for the publicity it will get him, giving it the credibility of an investigation demanded by the people of Maricopa, County in Arizona.  But then, what else would we expect from a state that has given us a bogus Gov. Jan brewer, and a racist bigot who led the state Senate, Russell Pearce?

And where else would the complaint Arpaio is investigating come from other than the Tea Party?  These are the same people, although from another local chapter, who placed fake candidate Olivia Cortes on the ballot in the recall election of Russell Pearce.  Legitimate challenger Jerry Lewis won handily, hopefully putting Pearce out to pasture permanently.  Arpaio backed Russell Pearce, as he did Andrew Thomas, who is facing disciplinary hearings with the Arizona state bar over questionable prosecutions.  And the latest, Sheriff Joe supports Rick Perry for president.

You have to wonder about this man’s judgment.  Randy Parraz, who organized the recall against Pearce, says Arpaio is next if he doesn’t back off on the “extremist brand of politics” exhibited by Thomas and Pearce.  Arpaio even looked bad in an investigation by fellow Sheriff Paul Babeu of nearby Pinal County, which resulted in the dismissal of three of Arpaio’s top deputies.  With newly energized Hispanics from the Pearce recall, at the worst Arpaio could be voted out in 2012 due to his actions against illegal immigrants.

Racist Russell Pearce with Joe Arpaio
Latinos accounted for 13 percent of the voters who supported Jerry Lewis in the recall election against Russell Pearce.  Lewis won by 53.4 percent to 45.3, proving that the Hispanic vote will determine the outcome of several elections in 2012.  It could rid the state of a bunch of conservative radicals that have placed Arizona in the limelight of ridicule for the past couple of years.  And there are many who say, if the progressives can pull it off in Arizona, they can do it throughout the U.S.

And while Arpaio continues his sweeps of illegal immigrants, arrests of illegals along the U.S., Mexico border are at the lowest level since the Nixon administration.  Even the Border Patrol is now concentrating on illegals with criminal records, realizing many of these Hispanics are working at jobs here and making a contribution.

But the latest that Sheriff Joe has to contend with are charges that he failed to investigate over 400 sex crimes over a three-year period ending in 2007.  Some of these were molestations of undocumented immigrants.  In El Mirage, where the sheriff provides policing services, suspects were even known in all but 6 of 32 cases.  Victims were as young as two, but the Arpaio’s deputies failed to follow through, leaving the cases hanging in limbo.

Obama with birth certificate
So the residents of Maricopa County, and the whole state of Arizona, should be wondering why Joe Arpaio is placing emphasis on some inane investigation of Obama’s birth certificate, when he should be going after predators who prey on the state’s children.  But again, no one ever seems surprised by the boneheaded politics of Arizona.  It’s just the way the state does business…at least today.

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