Thursday, February 9, 2023

Joe Biden Lays Claim To 2024 In His State Of The Union


Yes, there were moments, but President Biden came through in his assessment of the administration's accomplishments and then the outlook for 2024. There was heckling by the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, both Republican certified moron radicals, but it was expected. Here's an early scenario from CNN...

"A majority of Americans say he [Biden] hasn’t accomplished much, many Democrats aren’t thrilled at the prospect of him running for reelection and he faces clear disdain from most Republicans. But Biden powered through."

The President became feisty at a time when he desperately needs to display power

and the fact that he is in control. He used the phrase “finish the job” 12 times to urge Republicans and Democrats to move his issues into legislation and the law. The problem is, and has been, the fact that the American public seems to believe he has accomplished so little. There were many...

  • Lowering Healthcare and Drug Costs from the Inflation Reduction Act
  • The Most Consequential Federal Gun Safety Bill in Decades
  • The Most Consequential Federal Gun Safety Bill in Decades
  • Reducing the Cost of Gas by Releasing Oil from the National Strategic Reserve
  • Reforming the US Postal Service to Ensure Long-Term Stability

There are five more you can see here

My report would not be complete without two distinct cries for help in the fashion world. First, Arizona Senator, Krysten Sinema, in a bright yellow dress with puff shoulders, looks like she fell in a vat at a mustard factory. Agreed, she is lousy at her job but should get an award for acting as if this is all perfectly normal. The New York Post reported:  “Did the airbags on Kyrsten Sinema’s outfit deploy during the State of the Union?” user Gabe Sanchez tweeted.

And then there was Marjorie Taylor Greene dressed so that Newsweek said it made her look like Cruella de Vil. Only a misfit like MTG would come up with an outfit like this for an event like the State of the Union. In both cases, Sinema and Greene, they obviously pulled this off because they are so desperate to be noticed.

Newsweek reported...
"She [Marjorie Taylor Greene] shouted "liar" to Biden after the president accused the GOP of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare. But what caught the attention of people on social media was the white fur coat she was wearing.

Oh yes, apparently Mitt Romney, amongst a group of representatives at SOTU, told another Republican lunatic, George Santos, "You don't belong here." Well said!

Republicans like this are regularly radically bizarre, but Joe Biden showed the kind of secure demeanor and disposition along with his grasp of the issues as the person we want in the White House. 

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