Friday, February 10, 2023

DeSantis Is An Ideological Fascist And Racial Authoritarian


These are the words from Salon's Senior Writer Chauncey Devega's piece on February 7th of this year. I mention all this due to the importance and timeliness of this issue. It comes at a time when Donald Trump is losing his power and the Republican presidential primary emphasis is swinging toward the despot DeSantis. I cannot think of anything, including Donald Trump, that would be worse for this country...most certainly democracy.

There was a story back in November of 2022 on RawStory, "'Oddball' Ron DeSantis might not be a hit on the national stage: former GOP insiders." First of all, calling DeSantis an "oddball" falls way too short of describing this autocratic dictator whose actions caused 7,443,954 Covid cases resulting i84,927 deaths. Teachers have only the books on their shelves allowed by DeSantis or face jail time. A Florida teacher rips DeSantis’ censorship, criminal threats as outrageous.

One can only hope he won't play well nationally keeping him isolated in a Florida that has so far supported his dictatorial prowess with cracks appearing recently. Here is an excerpt from a recent RawStory essay by Thom Hartmann...

"Historians and political observers have been predicting that America would get our very own Mussolini ever since the days of Barry Goldwater. And there's been no shortage of candidates: bribe-taking Nixon; Central American fascist-loving Reagan; Gitmo torturing and war-lying Bush; and, of course, Trump."

 Has Ron DeSantis Turned Florida into Fascist Paradise?

And, of course, what we have been given to fill this Mussolini niche is Ron DeSantis. Hartmann makes a statement that is disturbing but not unexpected...
"But with Ron DeSantis, we may finally be facing an all-American politician who has Mussolini's guile, ruthlessness, and willingness to see people die to advance his political career..."

OMG, a willingness to let people die is just what this ogre did, along with his bogus Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo, in spewing misinformation over Covid. DeSantis and fellow Republicans are described as proclaiming Florida a bastion of "freedom" and "liberty" when in reality Hartmann calls it a laboratory for fascism. My interpretation of this comment indicates plans by this deranged group of autocrats to take their tyrannical movement national in 2024.

This country cannot survive another dictator. Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis must be cut off at the knees and we must do it today!

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