Friday, August 20, 2021

Ron DeSantis: Almost successful destroying Florida


Bring on the Republican clowns...

To Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis the graves of those who have expired due to his completely incompetent handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in his state is simply something to joke about. Absolutely no concern for his constituents, only that he maintains business as usual in the state.

Here's a quote from DeSantis that now reverberates "loudly" for him in the state of Florida: "My actions will speak louder than words." Actions, let's see, his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic: 3,039,988 total coronavirus cases, 41,937 deaths. His latest daily case count, 15,402. If your state is #3 in the U.S. for total cases, #4, total deaths, looks like Ron DeSantis' actions are either piss-poor or virtually non-existent.

The Florida Flush has been demeaning the coronavirus vaccine for months, even passing legislation that bans vaccine passports, which threw the cruise industry into turmoil. He questions booster shots but his latest is the active drug, Regeneron, to be used in lieu of getting vaccinated. Today's Ringmaster just happens to have a huge donor ($10 million), Ken Griffin, whose hedge fund Citadel owns $15.9 million worth of shares in Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc. 

If that doesn't bring the circus tents down, nothing will. In one of his quotes DeSantis called Washington a "swamp." Take a look at Florida that is barely above water where...

"children's hospitals and staff are 'overwhelmed,' said Dr. Aileen Marty, an infectious disease expert at Florida International University."
With Florida the epicenter of the COVID-19 surge, there were 22,783 new cases on Thursday of this week, along with 199 deaths, according to the CDC. But for DeSantis this is only a 3-ring circus because he knows he can send the jugglers in to fake the news. He's done it repeatedly and his latest performance is the Regeneron bamboozle that gullible Floridians will no doubt swallow. The show must go on but recent polls show the tents could fold, and soon.

More political clowns later...

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