Friday, August 17, 2012

Some conservative talk radio features and caters to idiots

Almost everyone has heard of the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys and Glenn Becks, but how many of you progressives out there take the time to listen to your local gaggle of conservative talk radio misfits?  I do.  As a matter of fact, I was actually disappointed when Glenn Beck was removed from one of our local stations.  Someone counseled me years ago; as long as you know what the opposition is doing you can plan your strategy to defeat them.  Good advice.

Rush Limbaugh on the air
We are often in the car on the way to and from errands and appointments mid-afternoons and I am hooked on the news.  Unfortunately, the best is available on the local Phoenix station of KTAR-Radio, which is very conservative; what else, this is Arizona?  It was following the ABC newscast one day that I heard the “comedy team” of Mac and Gaydos and since then, have listened off and on to see just how stupid this pair of dropouts can get.  It is truly pathetic.

These two political amateurs try their best to sound “Limbaugh” or “Beck” but the result is a combination of moronic bantering back and forth with trumped up issues that only a conservative simpleton would accept.  Like, arguing that V.P. Joe Biden’s comment that Romney would “”unchain Wall Street” is racist.  Only two baboons—I apologize to all apes—like this couple of bush leaguers, or other like simple minded conservatives, could come up with this kind of reasoning.

And then they compound their brainlessness by having lightweight Meghan McCain, daughter of our illustrious U.S. Senator, John McCain, come on their show and call Biden an “idiot.”  Of course, any thinking American would likely place these three (Mac, Gados and Meghan McCain) in the same category with other lost souls on the far right.  John McCain is a has-been who just doesn’t know when to quit. 

Now, I am fully aware of just how this conservative talk radio thing works.  You say harebrained things that are supposedly funny or entertaining because it is this kind of mindless audience that you are pandering to.  Rush Limbaugh has been doing it for years and the size of his captive audience is chilling if you think about it.  These people are always in the attack mode, but rarely have their facts right or make sense due to the lack of substance in their rants.

Glenn Beck
As in the case of this crackbrained Mac and Gaydos team on KTAR in Phoenix which tied Biden’s “unchained” comment into racism.  It was obviously a result of Republican remarks that Obama should “unshackle” small business and the economy, and they probably knew this but preferred to play the “race card.”  When you have a couple of greenhorn hosts like these two, you simply consider the source and go on.  But it’s different in the case of KTAR.

The station is well known for its conservative talk radio programs in the area, and if anyone in programming is listening to these two clowns, you’d think they would steer them back to something of substance and reality.  Unless the audience is so strong and it supports their daily afternoon gibbering, then I have another explanation.  It is the typical ultra conservative, double-digit IQs that seem to thrive in this state.  Probably led by the Surprise, Arizona Tea Party.

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