Friday, August 10, 2012

NRA extends its sleazy tradition of profiting off guns that kill people

Yes, gun control is the answer to all the violence we are experiencing lately with firearms deaths, particularly considering the massacres of Tucson, Arizona, Aurora, Colorado, and now the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.  And this is why.  We’ve tried it Wayne LaPierre’s way—he’s the CEO of the National Rifle Assn. (NRA)—with the loosest gun laws in the developed world, and it has not worked.  It’s time now to do the right thing and pass reasonable laws to control guns.

How Congress can be held hostage
by well financed extremists
And if the recent bloodbaths weren’t enough to make up our minds, the head NRA scum-bag and his minions have decided that they need more money, and to get it will take advantage of the 12 killed and 58 injured by Wade Michael Page in the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre.  They sent out a solicitation letter to NRA supporters on July 23—the Aurora carnage was July 20—including even people in Colorado.  It ignores the gunfire during the movie completely. 

The NRA lowlife couldn’t have known that in two weeks another disaster concerning guns would occur at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, but they wouldn’t have cared, even if they were profits.  The only things this gang of gun nuts cares about is protecting their precious guns…innocent deaths be damned.  An American tragedy is unfolding in this country on a daily basis as LaPierre and his minions still fight to loosen any remaining gun regulation still in force.

Excellent view on NRA solicitation letter from The Young Turks:

The solicitation letter was from LaPierre and was four pages long—I used to write similar letters selling products and services in the junk mail industry and know how well they work.  Although I haven’t seen an actual copy of this unconscionable drivel, a Republican lawmaker did release the letter and Dan Gross, president of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said:

“The ‘extremist rhetoric’ LaPierre uses in the letter would offend the ‘mainstream public’ in the days after the Colorado shooting”

Also from my 35 years in junk mail, I know that with the targeting ability when sending out these letters that is available to the NRA, the response is usually large and donations should be significant.  However, in the Bloomberg News article (link above), it signals there may controversy in the rank and file due to the fact that membership dues are down to only 44% of income in 2010 from 58% in 2008.  That’s a drop of 31.8%.  Is the organization losing its member-edge?

One can never have too much ammo
On the other hand, the NRA’s fundraising has seen significant benefits from the 1996 law that did away with interstate sale of ammunition to consumers.  That means that gun nuts, as well as mass-killers, can now buy as much ammunition online as they want to.  And that’s just what Aurora, Colorado shooter Holmes did; he purchased 6,000 rounds.  Then he used it to kill and maim 70 people.  Naturally, the NRA praised the law as the “greatest legislative milestone.”

But in addition to a law aiding mass-killers like Loughner, Holmes and Page, the NRA has taken in $9.3 million since 1992 in connection with the MidwayUSA website that sells ammunition—like James Holmes purchased—and which kicks back a portion of the proceeds to the NRA.  Owner Larry Potterfield simply asks customers to “round up” their orders to the nearest dollar for the NRA.  It is this kind of despicable collaboration between gun nuts that keeps the killings going.


  1. How is this ammo issue even and issue? He didn't even use 100 cartridges for all of his weapons combined. His AR jammed after 4 rounds because drum magazines are shit, a double stacked 30 round magazine would have worked much better or even a ten round magazine. Also he used birdshot rather than buckshot in his shotgun, which is why there were so few injuries vs deaths birdshot is not meant for man-sized targets. The other weapons he had were pistols with standard sized magazines. How would ammo restrictions possibly prevent an incident that didn't use much ammo? And he could just buy the ammo at multiple locations. The whole point of buying ammo in bulk is to save money by stockpiling months or years worth of ammo. It isn't milk if you keep it in a dry place it will be good for a decade.

    And really all these spree killers and mad bombers are beta wimps or political pusses. McVeigh as a sissy mad at the federal government for killing Iraqis in the first Gulf War.

    If somebody wanted to go full Joker they could do a tremendous amount of damage with 20 grand worth of stuff. Either with the panel trucks full of 55 gallon drums of diesel fuel and fertilizer with homemade explosives, tanerite, or blasting caps to aerosol the mixture and ignite it. Or you could just dump the fuel and fertilizer in a septic truck tank or any tanker, float gallon jugs a quarter full of black power in it with a pair of leads running into the jugs and set it off that way.

    I figure you could rent maybe 50 trucks and not return them. If you parked these next to gas works and apartment buildings you could kill on average about 100 people. If you didn't mess up that is 5,000 people dead, easily beating out the 9/11 losers for the high score on Bomberman.

    If you just wanted to play Counter Strike and pull a DC Sniper you could get away with it indefinitely if you didn't play games with the cops. And a bolt action rifle would be way more effective than the AR15 they used.

    1. Come on now. Only an army would buy 6,000 rounds of ammunition. And not online. Only radical gun rights dreamers would think otherwise.

      Jack E. Dunning
      Nasty Jack Blog

    2. I bought 4,000 rounds of Mosin Nagant ammo wholesale on the internet over a period of 3 weeks and after two years I am halfway through it. If you shoot 100+ rounds for practice sometimes and practice every weekend that it can add up quickly.



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