Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is gun control impossible based on the number of weapons on the street?

Florida will soon pass the one-million-mark in gun worshippers carrying concealed weapons.  They are the first state in the country to reach that firepower.  If Florida’s population wasn’t three times that of Arizona, I’d bet the latter would have been first.  But then, Florida is where the NRA’s own graying granny Marion Hammer hails from, a little old lady we can thank for the Stand Your Ground law plus others like it designed to kill off the American population.

Guns on the street
Gun sales in Florida have likewise soared 96 percent from 2002 through 2011.  But comparable sales remained only stable after the Aurora, Colorado movie massacre.  Considering gun nuts never think they have enough guns, go figure.  In Colorado they jumped 43 percent.  There is a graphic showing mass shootings since 1999 that is significant since in many of these incidents, either assault weapons or high capacity magazines were used.  Readily available.

There are at least 270 million guns out there in the U.S., 2.84 per 100,000 population.  Firearms account for 67.52 percent of all murders nationwide but Illinois, even back in 2010 (the latest figures) it was 80.35 percent.  It has only gotten worse with the recent gang wars that have caused hundreds of deaths in Chicago.  Loose guns everywhere, compliments of the national Rifle Assn. (NRA). 

It is hard for other developed countries to understand why the U.S. has so many murders due to guns.  We have almost 13,000 a year, 8,775 of them caused by firearms.  As an example, Great Britain has around 600 murders a year which makes this fact startling even considering the smaller population.  The difference in the proliferation of guns in the two countries is equally amazing; GB has only 3.4 million firearms out in the population.

Another gun proliferator is the Tea Party, known for demonstrations in Washington, D.C., blatantly with guns in the hands of members as a show of arrogant force.  If TPers hadn’t lost most of their effectiveness in recent months, you could almost rank them up there with the NRA in their fanaticism.  They are the cheerleaders for virtually unrestricted gun rights using ringed targets of President Obama to prove their point.  Double-digit IQs at best.

What is frightening is the fact that some are touting the fact that gun control is not to be considered, at least in the near future, even after Virginia Tech, Tucson and Aurora, Colorado.  Jonathan Mann writing on CNN wants to know, “What is it about Americans and guns?”  An obvious reference to worship by gun nuts of their weapons, plainly over valuing human life, which is so often taken by firearms.  He quotes the same numbers I use above but continues in analysis.

He says, “The laws are being driven by politics, and the politics are being driven by groups such as the National Rifle Assn.  The Washington Post estimates that the NRA succeeded in helping elect four out of every five candidates it endorsed in the most recent congressional election.”  He quotes NRA head, wacky Wayne LaPierre saying, "When they tell you that a government ban on certain firearms will somehow make you safer, don't you believe it, not for a second, because it's a lie just like the lies they've told you before."

Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Where the guns are
Mann also quotes New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg when he commented on both Obama’s and Romney’s reactions to the Aurora shooting, “You know, soothing words are nice, but maybe it's time that the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it, because this is obviously a problem across the country."  As a matter of fact, soft rhetoric is all we have been hearing on gun control for years.

The problem of this post persists, ‘Is gun control impossible based on the number of weapons on the street?’  With over 270 million guns out there in the hands of who knows who, you’d never gather up even a small portion of them because the NRA has made sure the government doesn’t know where they are.  And maybe that is where we start.  Demand the registration of all firearms so we can at least know who the good guys are, making it easier to locate illegal guns.

So maybe it is a doable situation, huh?  Oh no, I forgot about wacky Wayne LaPierre.  Maybe Obama can deal with him in his second term.

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