Friday, August 3, 2012

Hispanic demographics and voting aspirations remain strong for November

President Obama is winning the Latino vote by 70 percent to 22 percent for Mitt Romney going into the final months of the 2012 election.  When you break this down, Spanish dominant Hispanics come in 76 percent to 15 percent, foreign born 72 percent to 19 percent, Spanish dominant 76 percent to 15 percent and 66 percent to 28 percent of those English dominant.  In other words, if you are Latino and for Mitt Romney, you are simply out of the loop.

To begin with, I cannot understand how any Hispanic could think the Republicans have anything to offer them.  Look at the record.  The GOP is against anything Latino and has been for years with absolutely no evidence of changing.  And this is due to a constituency that borders on racism as confirmed by the Tea Party faction, emphasized by the emails of ousted state Senator Russell Pearce of Arizona.  He is also the author of the state’s anti-immigration bill, SB-1070.

In a study done at Arizona State University, the long contemplated impact of the Hispanic vote is expected to be felt this Nov. in the state, and there is reason to believe this could evolve nationwide.  Arizona is important for several reasons.  One, it will be necessary to convince even some legal Latinos that they are not in danger of being arrested when registering to vote, convincing others nationwide.  Two, the numbers are awesome, possibly changing Arizona from red to blue.

President Obama talks about Mitt Romney and Hispanics:

In an earlier post, I reported that Arizona’s Hispanic voting-age population has jumped from 455,000 nine years ago to 845,000 today, 19 percent of the state’s population eligible to vote. Taking Arizona in 2012 is not really that far-fetched considering Obama won 45 percent of the state running against McCain in 2008, coupled with the increased strategy of Latino activists to get out the vote. 

Democrats are hoping to register approximately 300,000 new Hispanics to vote prior to November 2012.

The Latino Decisions Poll says considering, “…voters with a validated vote history in 2008 Obama leads Romney 72% to 20%, and Latinos who reside in one of 13 critical battleground states (AZ, CO, FL, IA, IN, MI, MO, NC, NV, OH, PA, VA, WI) lean very heavily towards Obama, 71% to 21% for Romney.  The question is no longer just whether the general voters of swing states will come out for Obama, but also how many Hispanics those states can register.

As an example, the four swing states with the highest percent of Latino population are Arizona, 29.6 percent, Colorado, 20.7 percent, Florida 22.5 percent and Nevada 26.5 percent.  When you add up the five and ten percent states across the country, you begin to realize the potential of the Hispanic vote.  16.3 percent of the nation’s population is Latino and growing daily.  It is beyond me how the GOP can argue with these demographics.

I have a friend here in Arizona that I talked with just a week ago who is Hispanic and I asked her if she was going to vote.  Unfortunately she hasn’t achieved citizenship yet which means she can’t.  She indicated her husband would definitely vote and her daughters are out knocking on doors to help bring out the vote.  My friend is also actively advocating for Latinos to vote as well as her husband when he has the time.  My point here is…it is beginning to happen.

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