Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can the Democrats win back the House and maintain Senate control by exposing the GOP relationship to the Tea party?

Wellington C. Ramos was born in Belize but now resides in the U.S. where he holds BAs in political science and history from Hunter College in New York, a Masters in urban studies from Long Island University, and is currently an Adjunct Professor of political science and history.  Ramos says:

“If the Democratic Party in the United States does not expose the relationship between the Republican Party and the Tea Party, they will not pick up the seats they need to regain control of the House of Representatives and can risk maintaining control of the Senate.”

Wellington C. Ramos
Ramos, who is black, characterizes the Tea Party as “mostly white people,” who fear losing their country to immigrants coming here for a better life.  Much in the same way Americans originally arrived, but minus the part where we “slaughtered” Native Americans in order to take possession.  TPers throw in moral issues like same-sex marriage pandering to a certain base, but Ramos says their goal is “…to control the politics of this country and regain power.”

Ramos says the Tea Party is for, “…universal gun rights, cracking down on illegal immigration, small government, lower income taxes, sanctity of traditional family values and greater military spending.”  One of its most extremist positions was refusal to raise the debt ceiling or compromise with the Obama administration over the issue.  NY Sen. Chuck Schumer said: "The American people are seeing the Tea Party for what it is. Extreme and their popularity is declining.”

Video of why the Tea Party must be stopped:

As an example, I have been getting Tea Party emails for a couple of years and following are some the radical headlines signifying their hate of Barack Obama:

  • America’s demon President schedules deadly takeover

  • Exposing America’s fraud President

  • Obama to destroy America: rebuild in his image

  • Obama plans second term calling for assault on America

  • Rush Limbaugh: Obama hates this country

  • Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the birther issue

  • Rush Limbaugh exposes Obama’s membership in Socialist New Party

  • Obama has admitted to use of cocaine and other drugs—has never admitted he stopped his drug abuse

Tea Party radicals in action
The above headlines are the epitome of incendiary rhetoric designed to bring down America by a group that, if you listen to some of their demonstrations, is burdened with double-digit IQs.  And this is what is controlling the GOP today.  The TP has been responsible for ousting long-standing stalwarts in the Republican Party like Arlen Specter and Richard Luger, simply for compromising on issues with the Democratic Party.

Ramos comments, “They have taken over the Republican Party to the point where all the moderates are either retiring or getting kicked out of the party completely.”  It’s the Tea Party way or the highway.  America was not built on that kind of governing but it can easily be destroyed if this gang of fruitcakes is allowed to continue to spew out their idiocy.  Ramos believes firmly that Mitt Romney will “succumb to their demands.”  A message that Dems must convey.

Wellington C. Ramos might connect Tea Party tendencies toward anarchy with his home country of Belize and the unrest there in 2005 over significant tax increases.  It is certain that TPers would revolt against any proposed tax increase by Democrats and this is probably why the GOP stands so firm against any increase in taxes.  Ramos closes by saying, “…stop this Tea Party madness that is trying to take over our beloved country.”  But will Americans heed the alarm?

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