Tuesday, March 13, 2012

B-A-N-N-E-D by DAILY KOS for my views on gun rights fanatics – Part 3

Daily Kos gun rights fanatics

This is the third and last post in my series on being banned by Daily Kos for my views on gun rights fanatics.  You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.  So far the major reaction is the typical wacko comments from DK diarists, but one from a reader who agrees with my take on gun control.  I’m disappointed!  Had hoped for more of the imbecilic comments like I illustrated in yesterday’s post so you could witness more of the feeble-mindedness of this select breed of morons.

They are a pedigree unto themselves; more like a pack of mongrels.  But more important is the fact that this pro-gun gang is clearly on the march to silence anyone who disagrees with their gun-worshipping beliefs and will do anything to reach their goal.  That is scary!  And what is even scarier is the fact that Daily Kos lets these hybrid idiots run amok, to the extent that they can drive someone right off the DK blog because he disagrees with their views.

Gun control advocate on Daily Kos

To illustrate my point that these people will do anything to silence the opposition, there was a commenter who appeared to be educated, at least compared to those listed in yesterday’s post, who actually made a threat to disrupt my Nasty Jack blog.  The guy, online name Phoenix 182, among several other aliases, his real name, according to him, is Kristin Guttrormsen.  His comments were left on my NJ blog but later learned he was a Daily Kos diarist.

He made the following statement when he thought I had deleted one of his comments (I hadn’t): “Fortunately I save all posts I make, and can repost them an infinite number of times, from an infinite number of id's.”

When I told him I would report him for spamming, he said he didn’t care and that he had broken no laws.  It is one thing to be illegal but another to be blatantly unethical, and proud of it.  Pathetic!  It was basically because of this jerk that I had to start moderating comments.  This yahoo claims to have “…done so many interviews, lectures, written so many published pieces, etc.”  Thank God I wasn’t there or forced to read any of his pablum.

See video below as Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, addresses the crowd at a Lie-In outside the U.S. Supreme Court on 4/16/08, the one-year anniversary of the tragedy at Virginia Tech.  The Jared Loughner Tucson massacre would occur less than three years later:


And finally there is a harebrained comment that came up repeatedly on DK by another “anonymous” dimwitted diarist, afraid to use his or her real name:

“If you began taking your meds again according to the prescription (read the bottle), your understanding of this matter would greatly improve.”

Throughout all this, Daily Kos diarists kept up the divisive comments as if they disagreed with everything I said, but continued to read every one of my diaries, as evidenced by my high daily readership on DK.  As an example kestrel9000, alias Eddie Garcia, the “sap” from Vermont, ranted that my diaries weren’t worth reading, yet, he continued to read them and leave comments. 

I came to the conclusion that, based on the substance and tenor of my Daily Kos comments on gun control, you would think the blog had been infiltrated by a secret cult of gun zealots, had almost become an extension of the National Rifle Assn.

Now with the repugnant stuff out of the way, there were some encouraging comments that lead me to believe that diarists do exist on Daily Kos that are intelligent, sophisticated and reasonable in their reaction to gun control issues, although at times outspoken.  See them below: 

·       POed Lib said: “NJ: Excellent post. I used to be on DK, but was driven off mostly by posses of gunsel gunwacks, who would show up on comments and TR me. The gunwacks on DK have the pretense of civility and reason, but they are just a bunch of lying snakes who are no more reasonable than is LaPierre that massive pile of shit. I asked once for a single gun restriction that they would agree to, and they have none. They do not agree that the gun show loophole and private sale loophole should be closed. They don't agree with restrictions on number of sales, on restrictions on high capacity magazines, none of that stuff. They are just shills for the NRA and are all liars.”

·       Frank Blau said: “You won't get any love from the rkba nuts at Daily Kos... but I made my way here to tell you that there are SOME people (like me) on your side. :)”

·       Anonymous said: “You are likely to get shelled and take heavy fire on DK. I used to be there, before the Gun Lunatic Posse TRed me off. I tried on several occasions to get responsible limits consider: limits on rapid change magazines, # gun purchased/month, etc. No limit was acceptable, yet the gunsels continued to proclaim their ‘reasonableness’. Lying morons.”

·       Brasilaaron said: “Why would any sane person pretend that allowing random people to carry guns on planes is a good idea?  While in one's home, the 2nd amendment is a perfectly valid Right to admire.  Public safety while in public trumps the 2nd amendment; life, liberty and pursuit of happiness not life, liberty and the pursuit of firearms (i know, one's the Dec. of Independence the other the Constitution).”

·       IceMilkCoffee said: “Guns are bad for the same reasons why an arms race is bad. If a bunch of loons are allowed to come into our state with their guns and play Nimrod, then I, a non-gun owner, will now have to escalate and get a gun for myself.  If you agree that the arms race is a bad idea, then so is this escalation of gun ownership. It's bad for everyone except the gun sellers.”

What more can I say?  Goodbye and good riddance Daily Kos!

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