Monday, March 12, 2012

B-A-N-N-E-D by DAILY KOS for my views on gun rights fanatics – Part 2

New Daily Kos diarist
In the first article in this series, I supplied some background on Daily Kos and how I was banned from that blog.  Unless DK wants to be more specific, the only explanation is that I was drummed out by a gang of guns rights fanatics.  But I doubt the blog can refute the fact that the reaction to my articles on gun control were the reason the Daily Kos “community” kicked me out, unless DK elects to censor me further by deleting all my posts and their comments. 

Right up front I will admit that many of my articles were reproachful against gun owners, but were based on my prior experience where gun extremists have reviled my writing using language fit only for a sailor (I was a swabbie).  They were very similar to some you will see here today.  And it is hard for anyone to ignore the daily blasts from the media by gun worshippers who love their guns more than life.  I live in Arizona, the seat of loose gun laws.

See MSNBC's Chris Matthews on gun control below:

Eddie Garcia at work in Vermont

I’ll start the Daily Kos comments with a guy from Vermont who must be sucking too much maple syrup from the trees in his yard.  He goes by the online name of kestrel9000 but his real name is Eddie Garcia and apparently his mother never washed his mouth out with soap.  That is, if he had one.  As an example he commented on my DK articles:

  • “What in the sequined fuck are you talking about?” in reply to another DK diarist who had made an asinine comment on one of my diaries.

  • “Some would say it's fucking weird to come armed to a coffee shop, and if you don't like it, go somewhere else.  it's fucking weird for a black guy to date a white woman.  Others would say it's fucking weid (SIC) for a black woman to date a white woman.  You would ban things on the basis of them being fucking weird?”

  • “you had the stones to answer comments on Daily Kos where you vomited out this piece of shit, minus the pictures and youtubes (wtf are you, lame?) you'd see you're getting your ass handed to you by both sides of the issue, but I bet you don't. Your tipjar now stands at +1/-8. This will be my first and last comment on this blog. You are being hiderated for spamming, hit and run diarying, and bigotry. I'm outta here.”

  • “Another lie: There is no gun show loophole.  The rules regarding private sales do not change regardless of where they take place.”  Now only a complete idiot would make this statement.

But what could you expect from someone whose most recommended diary is Rush Limbaugh.

Here’s one from someone with only the online name of labwitchy:

  • “Well kestrel9000, if people weren't so darn dark there'd be no need to control what they can or can't possess.  i know you get that as snark kes. you know where i stand.  when slaves own guns, masters are in major trouble.  Republicans ARE cooties!” An apparent reply to “gun mouth” re. my post on how racism had been connected to gun control.

Pavepusher’s comment, below, is further evidence of the fact that I was banned from Daily Kos for my views on radical gun rights:

  • “Pack of lies in that ‘video,’ of course.  ‘Concealed assault weapon’ my ass.  You really are a vile fuckwad.  Congrats on getting kicked out of DKos, took you long enough.  Bet you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to let this comment stay.”  I did.

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas

Looking back on my Daily Kos article comments, you would think that all these people have to do is sit around all day making derogatory statements about anyone who they think wants to take away their precious guns.  It makes me wonder if this is the majority of DK’s traffic, which would indicate a very low-brow profile.  The site’s founder, Markos Moulitsas, might want to take the time to evaluate this…before his advertisers do.

NEXT: More on Daily Kos with additional comments, many from the pro-gun control group.

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