Wednesday, February 8, 2012

U.S. open carry bill, HR 822, more of the same insane gun legislation

Typical squirrely NRA member

The National Rifle Assn. (NRA) must be stopped and whoever accomplishes this feat will be a hero, at least in my book.  They have ramrodded a new law through the House, HR 822, that would allow anyone in a state with loose concealed carry laws (like Arizona) to carry their handgun in any other state in the country, no matter what the laws of that state are.  This is the first piece of legislation this inept Congress has come up with since the Giffords shooting.

That means other wackos like Jared Loughner from the Tucson massacre and Seung-Hui Cho from the similar disaster at Virginia Tech—and they are walking around out there with guns in their pockets—could take their firearms to a state with stricter laws and hold their own massacre.  Pure idiocy.  “The Second Amendment is a fundamental right to bear arms that should not be constrained by state boundary lines," said GOP Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in the Huff Post.

My 2nd Amendment right

Bullshit.  I am not even convinced that the 2nd Amendment literally includes the right to carry a concealed weapon and I think with the recent momentum of gun control advocates, this very point may be up for consideration.  It is sheer insanity to pass a law that makes one state law—especially one passed by deranged legislators like those in Arizona—a national law.  The latter are now trying to push guns on college campuses; you can already take them into bars.

Video on bullet hits White House, below:

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report tells us that 8,775 people were killed in shooting incidents in 2010.  Barry Krisberg, a criminalist from Berkeley’s School of Law, says we can expect an increase in 2011.  He adds, in an article from The Telegraph in the United Kingdom, “Overall violent crime rates in the US are going down but comparatively, shootings and homicides are going up a little bit.  Last year we had both an increase in police officers shot and killed and also an uptake in citizens being shot and killed.”

The gun show loophole

Krisberg also said that a dilution of weapons legislation has led to people who are mentally ill and who have criminal convictions being able to go out and freely buy guns.  This is a result of the lack of background checks and the gun show private sale loophole. 

In another example of a deranged gunman that shouldn’t have had a firearm, he ended up shooting and killing a park ranger in Washington state.  According to the mother of his toddler daughter, he “was a former soldier who owned many knives and guns despite an emotionally unstable, vindictive and anger-prone mind-set.”

And the NRA wants to turn more of these lunatics loose across the country with guns hidden their pockets.  HR 822 is designed to do just that and it must be stopped now.


  1. You won't get any love from the rkba nuts at Daily Kos... but I made my way here to tell you that there are SOME people (like me) on your side. :)

    1. Thank God you are there! I was afraid they all were the typical gun freaks. Hope you don't suffer from using your name, Frank. Thanks a million for your comment!


      Jack E. Dunning

    2. says a lot when you can't even find a friend at Daily Kos.

      Might be a good indicator that you're on the wrong side of the issues.

      Also given that you don't know the first two things about your subject matter might be indicator #2.

      #3. Would be you need to yell insults or delete comments when people don't agree with you.

      Just sayin'

  2. You know I decided to follow your blog for the sheer fact it amuses me when people pretend to be intellectually superior and still manage to make an ass out of themselves. Keep up the bad work, I always enjoy a laugh or two.

  3. "It is sheer insanity to pass a law that makes one state law—especially one passed by deranged legislators like those in Arizona—a national law."

    Drivers licenses anyone? Also please read the bill before you make yourself look stupid. Your two "wackos" violated multiple state and federal laws to commit their crimes, please explain how new laws would of prevented this? By the way to get a permit in Arizona requires more training then your precious New York (which can't even agree to a standard statewide).

  4. Wow! These people you mentioned were clearly intent on doing whatever they were going to do regardless of the law. Yet, you seem so passionate about this. Have you ever held a weapon (gun)? Have you ever had training on one? I assure you, if someone is going to do the wrong thing, they will do it with or without a gun. Just look at the prison system. In-mates can't get guns so they shank people instead. Perhaps we should outlaw cutlery in the United States as well. Actually, that is a great idea. I'm going to capitol hill tomorrow to lobby for anti-cutlery legislation! I'm going to save the world!

    Also, to do anything with your comment blog is censorship. I don't think you want to hear any opinion that disagrees with yours. You even said that if there is not a full name next to the comment, you would delete it. Let me tell you, anyone who knows anything about OPSEC or PHISHING will not post their entire name on here. Good day to you!

    1. Thanks to JoeP, above, I am revising my policy on comments to eliminate only those that are "Anonymous."

  5. I am not a "gun nut" but I do carry a handgun and believe there should be some sensible restrictions that keep kids and felons from having access to firearms. These is no need to have hi capacity assault rifles since these are offensive weapons. However people have a right to defend themselves wherever they have a right to be, and the CCW for the trained, background checked person meets that need. I do not want to live in a country that tasks the "nice policeman" with protecting me and my family. I have seen more cases of police abuse here in the US than any other country. Perhaps no one should be allowed to carry in states like New Jersey, and I would not ever want to even drive through such a controlling state anyway. National reciprocity is not a solution, the rights belong with the states. Let the left wingnuts have New Jersey and the right wingnuts have Alabama. I will state in the free thinking state of Vermont. Please stay out of my state with your extreme views (left and right)!

  6. I won’t comment one way or the other whether you are a gun nut, but reserve the right to make that decision later. But you are so right about restrictions that protect children and a lack of need for high-capacity magazines. Where you go completely wrong is the assumption that people walking around with visible or concealed weapons on the street having adequate training. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has studies that say most don’t. I know first hand in the state of Arizona that many are not educated in how to handle their weapons. And it is the “nice policeman’s” job to protect you and your family. If you want to keep a gun in your home—I said keep, meaning at home—be my guest. By the way, Vermont, aside from its gun laws, is a great state.

    Have a good weekend!

    Jack E. Dunning
    Nasty Jack Blog



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