Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gun nuts are right, guns don’t kill people; the NRA does by forcing loose gun laws

Why the NRA gets its way

In talking about the “Fast and Furious” fiasco, Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said, “anyone can walk in and buy anything,” referring to firearms.  F&F occurred in Arizona, which just happens to have the loosest gun laws in the USA, perhaps in the world.  The Senator’s home state has more stringent weapons laws such as a ban against assault weapons compared to Arizona that allows their sale. 

The National Rifle Assn. (NRA) filed a lawsuit in August of 2011, challenging a new federal regulation requiring gun merchants in states along the border with Mexico to report bulk sales of certain semiautomatic rifles.  The key word here is “bulk” as if NRA members need 10 or more assault rifles to protect their homes.  The organization was prominent in the appeal of the assault weapons ban

The NRA has the state of Arizona by the balls and yet it continues to push for more laws that will allow firearms everywhere in the state.  The latest to come out of this demented Republican legislature is a bill to force guns onto college and university campuses; you can already take them into bars.  The NRA has succeeded in diluting Arizona weapons laws to the extent that anyone can buy and carry a handgun concealed with absolutely no training.

In the following video you can watch one of the NRA's Exec. Dir. Wayne LaPierre's ludicrous answers to why the government should not monitor multiple gun sales along the Mexican border: 

In all fairness, the National Rifle Assn. has several gun safety programs available to its members, which it recommends on its site, but hardly the kind of thing that would appeal to a Jared Loughner before his Tucson massacre or Seung Hui Cho in the Virginia Tech bloodbath.

NRA new member
This all stems from a branch of the NRA, the Institute for Legislative Action, which is their lobbying arm.  It places its strength in the 4-million members of the organization and gun manufacturers that both contribute generously to the NRA.  The ILA depends heavily on grassroots efforts in the states to pass pro-gun reform legislation. 

Although it says its efforts are to “recognize the right of honest citizens to carry firearms for self-protection,” the ILA fails to mention that these same laws also allow lunatics to buy and carry around weapons with which they create mayhem on innocent citizens.

Other NRA approved state legislation includes: In Mississippi when you have a concealed carry permit and take an eight-hour education course, you can now carry a gun on college campuses, in bars and in courthouses; Despite Iowa loosening its gun law regulations back in 2010, the NRA demanded more, wanting more firearms on the street; In Tennessee gun laws look almost as loose as the state of Arizona.

Here’s an example of the NRA’s arrogance and misplaced priorities: "This is all a coordinated approach to respect that human, God-given right of self defense by law-abiding Americans," says Chris W. Cox, the NRA's chief lobbyist. "We'll rest when all 50 states allow and respect the right of law-abiding people to defend themselves from criminal attack."  From the Nashville, Tenn. Herald Sun.

NRA's Wayne LaPierre laughing at gun control
In Pennsylvania a bill is going through the legislature that would penalize municipalities - including Philadelphia and 29 others - that have enacted laws to curb illegal gun sales by requiring them to pay damages and penalties to plaintiffs who challenge those laws in the courts; Virginia is considering a bring your gun to work bill; And at the federal level, the “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011” would make it easier for people to carry concealed handguns across state lines.

You can take a look at your state on Wikipedia’s “Gun Laws in the United States site.  Then compare it with bizarre states like Arizona, Tennessee and Texas.  If your state has reasonable gun control laws, I can guarantee you that the National Rifle Assn. is lurking close.  It is simply a matter of time, unless you do something to stop it.

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