Thursday, February 9, 2012

More…gun sense and nonsense

ARIZONA: Where else to start but here.  Back in November of 2011, a Surprise, AZ 4-year-old boy was injured in the face while playing with a gun.  In the headline of this story it said “only in Arizona.”  The article also stated that over the years there have been “scores of scientific studies documenting the fact that guns in homes tend to decrease, not increase, the safety of the occupants of such homes.”  What kind of idiot parent allows a 4-year-old to play with a gun?  Of course, only in Arizona.

CALIFORNIA: In Salinas, CA, councilwoman Gloria De La Rosa’s AK-47 was stolen.  In this state the assault rifle is against the law, except for those privileged like De La Rosa due to her position.  But wait, the weapon was actually brought into the state by her late son-in-law who bought it at, where else, a gun show in Arizona.  Of course, assault rifles are legal in Arizona just like anything else gun-related.

Start em out right
 ARIZONA…AGAIN: The Secret service is investigating a photograph posted on the Internet showing what is apparently a bullet-riddled image of President Obama’s face.  In the photo are seven men, four of whom are holding weapons and a t-shirt with holes and gashes with an image that also looks like Obama.  The photo with remarks was posted on the Facebook page of Sgt. Pat Shearer, a police officer in Peoria, AZ.  Any takers on a bet that this nitwit is a NRA member?

GEORGIA: Some guy shot himself in the leg at a Savannah, GA, gun show.  He was reloading his pistol outside the show because you aren’t supposed to bring a gun inside.  Sounds like the gun shows don’t even trust the gun nuts.  Charles Lake had purchased the gun the day before and had returned to buy another weapon which is probably just the beginning of another great American arsenal.  The moral of this story is that apparently Georgia firearms education doesn’t teach you how not to shoot yourself.

ARIZONA…AGAIN: A Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff’s deputy was killed by a man who, when confronted by deputy William Coleman, came out of the van shooting, hitting the deputy below his bulletproof vest and he later died in the hospital.  Coleman had a wife and two young children.  The cold-bloodied murderer used a rife, which actually isn’t the killing weapon of choice in this state.  Just another day on the streets of Arizona.

NRA taking aim
NEVADA: A teenage relative of Edwin Green turned him in to authorities in Reno, Nevada for having 16 firearms in an underground bunker at his home.  He was arrested because he has a felony conviction in California, which makes having a gun against the law.  The 14-year-old relative said Green didn’t trust the government and that he was tied to the Arizona militia.  Apparently all “gun” roads lead to Arizona.

What is most pathetic about this post is the fact that in all but one case, regardless of the state where the incident occurred, there is an Arizona connection.

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