Thursday, January 7, 2021

You think coronavirus is bad, let me tell you about the after effects


The CDC's Dr. Anthony Fauci has all but demanded that the American public wear a mask, and stay at a distance of at least six feet when in a social gathering. He couldn't demand it under non-believer Donald Trump, but we got the message. At least those of us who have asserted the mentality to believe the scientists who have been proven to be correct with the facts over and over. Fauci and his peers have taken it further by warning against gathering in large numbers.

However, the mentally challenged non-believers continue to startle those of us daily who are confident just how bad the pandemic is. In the U.S. alone as of today, there have been 21,800,681 COVID-19 cases, 369,135 deaths. Folks, that's over 350 million fathers/mothers, brothers/sisters, grandfathers/grandmothers, uncles/aunts and just friends who have died unnecessarily because Donald Trump and his gang of incompetents failed to address the pandemic.

Here's a headline from GBH News that puts this all into perspective: "How Many Have To Die Before Nonmask Wearers Realize The Pandemic Is Not A Joke?" And what these people don't take into consideration--probably due to their impaired mentality--is the fact that not wearing a mask could lead to the death of others, even family and friends. And then there are those who say, "It's only a virus." Stupid as it may seem, this concept is shared by many non-believers. 

Yes, it is a virus that, aside from its infectious nature requiring a possible hospital stay to shed the infection, has potential long-lasting effects that make it much more than "just an infection." An article in Elemental, "The Long-Term Health Impacts of Being Infected With the Coronavirus," talks about just that. Keep in mind now, this is well after you have suffered though the infectious stage of the virus, which can be agonizing, according to survivors.

There is plenty of talk out there about catching the virus and potentially dying from it but not as much about the after effects following initial stage recovery. You're better now and you didn't die so you're home free. Afraid not. Elemental, a new science-backed health and wellness coverage publication, says...

"There is growing concern about the potential long-term consequences of Covid-19, with reports of symptoms lingering for weeks and even months."

First concern, your lungs... 

"The good news is that if your symptoms are relatively mild and you don’t need to be hospitalized, there are good reasons to believe you’ll make a full recovery."
However, Albert Rizzo, MD, chief medical officer of the American Lung Association, says there is a risk of scarring and more permanent lung damage in people who are hospitalized and ventilated.

Next, your heart...

"Over the past two months, one of the deadliest effects of Covid-19 that has emerged is its impact on the heart.

“'I think what is clear is that there are a number of different [cardiovascular] manifestations of Covid-19,' says Mariell Jessup, MD, chief science and medical officer of the American Heart Association. “Some people are getting this heart attack looking syndrome, some people are getting this myocarditis kind of syndrome, and some people are just getting garden-variety heart failure in response to an overwhelming pulmonary infection."

The brain...

"There is mounting evidence that SARS-CoV-2 also impacts the brain. In a study of 214 Covid-19 patients, one-third experienced neurological symptoms, including dizziness, headache, and cognitive impairment."

The body's immune system... 

"Another consideration is how SARS-CoV-2 could impact a person’s risk for other infections. In a recent study, researchers found that 20% of people with Covid-19 were also infected with other viruses, including influenza, rhinovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus."

And don't forget your overall well-being...

"A final consideration is the consequence of hospitalization or weeks of being bed-bound on the body’s recovery. The consensus is that the worse someone’s health was before they got infected and the more severe their coronavirus infection was, the longer it will take them to regain their strength."

Rizzo says “It can take months to a year for some of that recovery to occur. But as you might suspect, it’s going to vary from individual to individual, again based on what was their condition prior to that care and how severe was their case." The point is that we have a new variant of the virus which is supposed to be significantly more transmissible, thus, more cases and more deaths. More on that coming up in a new blog.

The general consensus is practice the virus guidelines and stay as far away from COVID-19 as you can. Three is so much more in this article that you should read.


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