Thursday, October 13, 2011

The American public has basically dismissed the U.S. Congress according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll

Is the next step getting rid of this gang of incompetents?  Are we mad enough to vote them out and start all over again?  There may be a few worth keeping so it might be best to have a straw vote first to determine the good ones from the bad ones.  We could hold it in Iowa where they know about this sort of thing.  Or is the apathy of the American public so bad that only the few that raise their voices will actually come out to vote?

The WP/ABC poll found that only 14 percent of the public approves of the job Congress is doing.  How pathetic can it get?  What’s worse, sixty-two percent “strongly disapprove” while another 20 percent “somewhat” disapprove.  Only 3 percent of Americans “strongly approve” of the job Congress is doing.  The unrest is divided between parties: “Just 18 percent of Democrats, 13 percent of independents and 13 percent of Republicans approve of Congress.”

Following the recent congressional debt ceiling fiasco, Keith Olbermann did the following excellent commentary (You Tube) on Congress which is a must-see:

 One Mass. Democrat said, “As a normal, average American, it’s discouraging that these are the people leading the country.”  But he also thinks President Obama needs more time to achieve his goals.  Obama could also use some cooperation from a close-minded, disruptive GOP (my comment).  The President’s approval rating has also slipped to 42 percent from 47 percent.

That three percent that strongly approve of Congress are the ones that worry me.  Do they live in caves with no radio, TV or newspapers, or are they just ignorant?  Any thinking individual that has witnessed what is going on in Washington lately and doesn’t see a bungling bunch of blockheads running this country has their head in the sand.  We need a 100 percent agreement on this issue and maybe even the apathetic will listen.

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