Saturday, November 3, 2018

Who wins 2018 U.S. Mid-terms?: OPINION

After looking at today's news, I thought the above cartoon featuring the Oval Office Oaf was quite appropriate to represent the state of our country just before mid-term elections. 

There was another shooting today, and I emphasize "another" because there have been so many lately you are certainly aware of the gun violence, unless you're living under a rock. And then there are over 5,000 immigrants seeking entry to the U.S. through Mexico and the Trump administration's comment was "We won't shoot them." Not that they should be admitted en masse, but the pursuit of some diplomacy with their home countries is definitely in order. 

Democrats in Georgia are convinced that Republicans are attempting to rig the upcoming election by suppressing voters, and they are probably right, given the history around the country on this. North Korea is threatening to resume nuclear development over Trump's sanctions on that country and the "unvaccinated epidemic" continues in South Carolina with an outbreak of measles. I wonder how many of these irresponsible "vaxers" would take this stand if it were not for the arrogance of the Donald Trump administration? 

In other words, we need control and a Democratic Congress would solve that problem. GO VOTE, next Tuesday and I do care who you vote for, but that is not important. But if you don't vote, you have lost your voice in what is perhaps the most important election with which this country has ever been confronted.

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