Monday, July 20, 2020

Birmingham, Ala. clinic doctor marvels over those who disrespect COVID-19

Dr. Michael Saag is risking his life to save people's lives who have coronavirus, but is daily confronted with those on the outside who discard the whole thing as a frivolous hoax. He speaks of...
"the intense struggle being waged against a virus that has cost about 140,000 lives nationwide and made so many — including the doctor — seriously ill."
There's more...
"It’s not just an Alabama problem. About 250 miles (400 kilometers) from Birmingham, Dr. Chad Dowell warns that his hospital in tiny Indianola, Mississippi, is filling up and so are others, making it difficult to locate beds for the sickest patients even as people debate on social media whether the pandemic is real."
As this is being posted, the worldwide figures are 14,802,464, 611.786 deaths. In the United States, 3,947,382 cases, 143,636 deaths, MAKING THE U.S. 23.5% OF WORLD DEATHS.

Thank you, Donald Trump! 

Chas. Koch Sneers At Democracy And Human Life

  Charles Koch has wreaked havoc on democracy for decades with one of his major movements against climate change. Why? He was an oil company...