Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Betty White mimics Clint Eastwood at the Democratic National Convention

Well, it hasn’t happened yet, and it may not, but it could, if the Democrats read this blog and rush an invitation to Betty White, who is equally popular, and loved, as Clint Eastwood.  Apparently Clint is disenchanted with President Obama and said so with his comedy routine at the Republican National Convention recently using an empty chair, which was supposed to hold Obama.  But his shtick did more for Eastwood than it did for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Betty White with Barack Obama
There is a petition being circulated saying Betty White should introduce Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention.  Bret Lang says it would be a grabber for seniors who love her current TV series, “Hot in Cleveland,” which has just been renewed for its 4th season on the TV Land channel.  White has publicly supported Barack Obama and his dog, Bo; she is an avid animal rights advocate.  But instead of introducing Obama, I would take a different approach…this way.

Betty White comes onto the stage to a roaring welcome and approaches the podium where a chair has been placed alongside.  Behind the podium she hesitates momentarily, and then sits down in the chair, looking up at the podium and smiling that famous smile.  She waits as if someone at the podium is talking to the audience, then, as if being asked a question, replies:

  • “Yes, Mr. President, I agree that Medicare should be preserved and not gutted like those…oh my, I almost said a naughty word.”

  • Waiting again while Obama speaks, she then interrupts him with a question.  “Can you tell me what Clint Eastwood meant when he said you were ‘hotdoggin’ it?  I thought you preferred hamburgers.”

  • More time elapses in the President’s speech when an idea occurs to Betty.  She turns to the podium cutting in again, “You do know that there are some of those, shall we say puzzled, conservatives in Hollywood but they are pretty much like all those other…uh oh, I almost said a bad thing again.”

  • After a while, “Uh, if you need someone to cry for you tonight, I’m available, just in case Oprah isn’t.”

  • “Oh sorry, Mr. President, I wasn’t saying shut up to you.  I was saying it to myself to keep me from making another comment on, I forget, is it George Romney’s son? 

  • A little later Betty looks up at Obama and says, “Excuse me, but I just want you to know that I am aware there are 12.8 million unemployed, not the 23 million I think what’s his name said.  But I won’t cry about it.”

    Where's the chair?
  • As the President hesitates for a moment, the actress waves her hand for attention and exclaims, “You don’t have to worry about me cracking crude jokes tonight but I do have some cute ones if you need them from Saturday Night Live.”

  • More speech and then Betty White stops Obama again.  “If you remember, the cowboy with the guns the other night said something about the fact that people like him and me own this country.  Well, the way I see it, the guy he works for thinks he owns the country and has the wealth to back it up.”

  • As President Obama concludes his speech, he looks over at Betty White and asks her if she has anything to add.  Of course actors always have to have the last word and she replies, “Well, Clint Eastwood asked Republicans to “Make his Day.”  I think most Americans know you have made our day by saving our economy.”

  • Betty White gets up to more huge applause, leaving, and Obama shakes her hand in thanks.  Then she whispers in his ear and he laughs so hard he has to sit in the chair.  All of a sudden there is a hologram of Clint Eastwood that appears behind the podium and then it exits…stage right.

The hilarious Betty White talks about John McCain, Sarah Palin and Obama:

Unspoken but assumed, Barack Obama has made our last four years so please keep it up for the next four.

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