Monday, July 2, 2012

Fortune magazine calls Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) a LIAR in his Fast and Furious investigation


CA Rep. Darrell Issa's  Fast and Furious all lies
The ‘We will do anything, yes anything, to bring down Barack Obama’ GOP movement is not only still running strong but apparently gaining momentum.  Fortune magazine calls California Republican congressman Darrell Issa’s investigation of Fast and Furious a conspiracy.  Katherine Eban of Fortune says the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation was nothing like U.S. Rep. Issa has claimed.”  She has even more doubts about Issa.

Eban surmised that the Fast and Furious event was so different than has been portrayed by Issa that it would be near impossible for him to be so thoroughly misinformed.  The author thinks he is lying.  And apparently the same applies to ATF “whistle-blower” John Dodson who may have perjured himself by claiming under oath all 2,000 guns Issa proclaims went to Mexico came from ATF.  The actual number has been established as five, all under Dodson’s purview.       

Eban comes to the conclusion that the “problem” is Arizona with its loose gun laws making it almost impossible to prosecute those responsible for buying the guns, according to ATF Agent Dave Voth.  Gun runners can do their thing easily in Arizona without fear of prosecution.  As an example, a transient bought 10 AK-47 type rifles, was reported by the gun store to ATF, but because Arizona gun laws are so sloppy, it was impossible to convict the transient.

And the other “problem” in this matter is the National Rifle Assn. (NRA), which threatened to withhold support from congressional leaders that didn’t vote to hold AG Eric Holder in contempt for not releasing privileged documents.  This resulted in 17 wimp Democrats voting for contempt which succeeded in passing.  The NRA charges that Fast and Furious is Obama’s way of instigating gun control because of the required reporting of sales by 9,000 border gun stores.

The question is becoming not when we are going to halt the insane antics of an out-of-control organization that loves its guns over human life, but why haven’t we done something already?  It is hard to understand an American public that doesn’t comprehend the nature of this dilemma.  Innocent people are dying on the streets of the U.S. simply because Congress is too much of a coward to stand up to the NRA, afraid of losing millions of $ in annual contributions.  Pathetic.

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