Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer’s beheaded bodies yet to be found

Whoever you are—that group of misguided and misinformed individuals that continues to try and run every illegal immigrant out of Arizona because they are crime-ridden and the cause of all the problems in the state—will simply have to eat crow, or worse.  A Brookings Institution report, something this conglomeration of bigots, above, would never understand, has shown just how outrageous these fanatics are with facts that cannot be denied.

The 2011 report, City and Suburban Crime Trends in Metropolitan America surveyed the last 20 years of crime data and discovered that, "crime declines significantly with increases in the proportion [of residents] that is foreign-born and Hispanic."  As an example, the increase of Hispanics, including illegal immigrants, has increased dramatically in the past few years in Phoenix, AZ.  Yet the crime index went from 638.8 in 1999 down to 396 in 2009, a ten year decrease of 38 percent.  Murders were down from 17.5 per 100,000 population in 1999 to 7.6 in 2009.

The Brookings report showed a diversified population helps decrease crime, but input from another expert on the subject, Richard Florida, author of "The Rise of the Creative Class," found that “immigrants are good neighbors” and in their drive to succeed discourage criminal behavior not only in their community but in others as well.

Immigration is still a federal issue and something Washington must address.  The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, along with several of Phoenix’s leading businesses was instrumental in stopping five more immigration laws sponsored by the lunatic State Sen. Russell Pearce, who is currently being recalled.  When will the general population finally get the word?

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